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Unwritten History Exhibition is live!

After a good few months in the making, my 'Unwritten History' exhibition is up at Creswell Crags near Worksop Notts.

The exhibition takes the viewer through a chronological tour of my historical illustartion work from the time of the dinosaurs to the Great war, via the Ice Age, Roman, Medieval and Napoleonic periods.

Learn interseting facts like the Roman's favourite sport, meet the extinct mammal as big as a house and meet a Viking super hero!

Entry to my exhibition (in downstairs foyer)

and the gorge are free, charges apply for cave tours and permanent exhibitions.

My work is for sale along with cards of my iconic drawing 'Ice Age family' (depicting life in Robin Hood's Cave at Creswell Crags) available from the visitors centre shop.

For more information visit:

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