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As I sit looking at the transluscent light filtering through the leaves of a shrub in my garden, I'm reminded of that old divide between the arts and the sciences. The arts get a bad press in some circles for being pointless and 'airy-fairy' while science can be tarred with taking the mystery and beauty out of the world by others.

But as I see the look of wonder on my children's faces as they sit glued to Sir David Attenborough's latest series about the evolution of flight, I see that far from just de-bunking myths and demoting beauty to numbers and equasions, science - more than ever - can open a window to awe and wonder.

Just as modern technologies can help reveal more about the reality of the distant past than we have ever been able to know before, so too, science and technology can bring the beauty and wonder of the universe around us to life in a way that can make our hair stand on end; from the shape of a Peregrine Falcon's wings, which allow it to plummet with impossible accuracy at two hundred miles per hour to it's moving prey, to the transluscent light filtering through an


Acer's leaf.

So in my book, art and science are - in some ways - one and the same, or at least human creativity and imagination is what makes both possible.

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