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As I begin to think about designing a couple of workshops to help pass on my creative skills, it's great to reflect on the chance to teach a couple of good friend's kids the basics of whittling while camping in the Forest of Dean.

The desire to be creative - and get to grips with natural materials in a practical way - is, I think, within us all and though the lads in question have had that scouty kind of interest in sticks and knives for some time, it was a pleasure to be able to pass on some basic (safe) techniques.

The knife is a tool, just as the hammer, the car and the i-phone are, and I'd much rather have more kids able to safely use and appreciate knives for what they are, than see them as a status symbol, or worse a weapon.

So, teach your kids to whittle and work wood and light fires - safely. Pass on the joy of using your hands and learning how to work with natural materials...or better still, g


ive it a go yourself!

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